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Programming in Google Chrome


Programming in Chrome


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Why should I learn Computer language (Programming)? And why C language good for beginners?

1. Software is the spirit  ( आत्मा )  of hardware . 2. Just by joining some hardware (Electronics  Components) we can’t make our  Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, etc. so programming is essential to make this hardware functional. 3. Program instructs and controls the hardware and C is the very basic language to start. 1. By learning a computer language you'll able to build your own software, OS, Virus, Antivirus. For example, WhatsApp, Hike, Calculator,  Media  Player, Facebook, Twitter. 5. After learning the C language you'll be able to build your own computer applications. 6. C language Helps to learn more advanced languages like Java, Dot Net, MATLAB. because this all language depends upon C language. 7. It is good for starters because it is just like the English language and easy to understand.

Format Specifying in C

  Data Types Format Specify Char %c  or %s Int %d or %i Float %f Using of Variable # include <stdio.h> void main() { int a = 5, b = 7; int c = a+b+3; printf (“C= %d”, c); } # include <stdio.h> void main() { int a = 5, b = 7; printf (“SUM= %d”, a+b); } # include <stdio.h> void main() { char a1 = ‘s’, a2 = ‘g’; printf (“%s%c%s%s”,a1,a2,a2,a1); } O/p: C = 15 O/p: C = 15 O/p: sggs

New trends and advantages of C language.

1. You can program the ROBOTS and  Automatic Running Machines  using C language. click here for more information.  2. For building more advanced  software or  Games you need to  learn more advanced languages like  Visual  Basic,  .NET, JAVA, ANDROID programming which is based on C.  3. To build a website you need only HTML and you can make your own website but for making it more advance you need to learn more web designing languages like CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP and this all languages are very easy to learn if you have some basic knowledge about C. 4. After learning C you will be able to make your own software like Calculator, Games, Embedded Softwares, Compilers.