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Escape Sequences

 Sometimes, it is required to use newline, tab, quotation mark etc. in the program which  either  cannot  be  typed  or  has  special  meaning  in  C  programming.  In  such  cases, escape sequence are used. For that incident \n is used for newline. The backslash “\” causes escape from the standard way the characters are interpreted by the compiler.

This escape sequences are only used in printing statements like printf for example: 

printf(“\n Hello \t World!”). 

Table of Escape Sequences:

Form feed
Horizontal tab
Vertical tab
Single quotation mark
Double quotation mark
Question mark
Null character

Examples created on escape sequence:

#include <stdio.h>
void main(){
printf (“\nHello\nWorld!”);
void main ( ){ 
printf (“Hello\tWorld!”);
void main(){
printf(“Hello World” \n);
O/p: Hello        World!
O/p:  Error
Note: Sequence escape always in between “ double quote”

Note: to print sequence escapes give \\

#include <stdio.h>
void main(){
printf (“Hello \\n World!”);
void main ( ){ 
printf (“Hello \\t World!”);
void main(){
printf(“Hello World” \\n);
o/p: Hello \n World
O/p: Hello \t World!
O/p:  Error
Note: Sequence escape always in between “ double quote”

Remaining sequence escape please try yourself.


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