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Why C language is compulsory for all branches in Engineering

Every student in schools and even I also thinks that why, why, why it is compulsory to learn C for students other than computer & IT branch? What is the need of C for  Civil  Engineering, Mechanical  Engineering,  Electrical  Engineering,  Electronics Engineering, Production Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Chemical Engineering? Let’s see in short use of C in some core Engineering branches:

Civil Engineering:

Chemical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering:

Electronics Engineering: 

For  other  branches, I  will  like  to  mention  that  Civil  Engineering,  Mechanical 
Engineering and Electrical Engineering are known as core branches means all branches in engineering have come after these engineering branches then you can think that C is also useful for other engineering branches. That’s why don’t take it easy to be serious about C. 


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