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Programming in Turbo C

 Make your own first software in your life just for demo I am showing you to make your basic SUM two digit calculator by using C language

Step1: Open TurboC you will get this window

Step2: Open New File by clicking on File>>New

Step3: Type this Sample Program in it.

void main()
float a, b, sum;
printf("\t\t-:My First Software:-\n");
scanf("%f", &a);
scanf("%f", &b);
sum = a+b;
printf("\n\tA+B=%f", sum);

Step4: Save as any name as you want along with dot C (.C) or (.c) extension for example “anyname.c”. By Clicking on File>>Save as

Step5: Compile it by clicking on Compile>>Compile & Run it By Clicking on RUN
After running program a black window will be open.

Step6: Enter any first Digit and press Enter button of PC
Enter any second Digit and press Enter button of PC
And you will get SUM of 2 numbers you entered

Step6: To view your Executable file (.exe on windows) open “C:\TurboC++\Disk\TurboC3\BIN” in BIN Folder you will see file anyname.c (step4) which is I have save earlier in step4. Here you can change your program and open it into TurboC. Or you can simply type your code in Notepad or any Text Editor and save it in BIN Folder along with .c Extension then it can be open from TurboC. To open your program file BIN go to TurboC File>>Open and type your filename along with .c extension and compile it then after run it.

Step7: To get your executable file go to folder “C:\TurboC++\Disk\TurboC3\SOURCE” open source folder here you can see your executable as your file name double click on it to run first software of your life.


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